A Mad Bridal Shower

Amie & I in our Tea Party dresses!The Hoinacki Girls (Katie, Kallie, & Nicole) hosted a quaint Bridal Shower for me.  With a small guest list of close family members and a few friends, it was a perfect way to warm up to being the new bride.

They decided to have a little fun with the theme and asked all attendants to wear a hat for the great tea party!  Surprisingly everyone showed up in a hat and elegant outfit!  It was so much fun!

Check out the cute Tea Party table and all the food!  We had very scrumptious desserts including lemon cloud mini cakes, reese’s cookies, and cheesecake!

Wonderland Snack CloseUp

The Mad Tea Party TableThe Wonderland Snacks







Of course it wouldn’t be an Alice & Wonderland party without some games too!  For the first game, they blindfolded me and had me guess various kitchen appliances by merely touching them with my feet!  After successfully guessing each one, we moved onto the next game where we decided to challenge the guests!  I carried a tray holding several different items from the Kitchen.  After walking around the room and giving all of the guests the opportunity to look at the tray, I left the room and Katie began to quiz them.  However, instead of asking questions about the tray she asked questions about me!  No one had expected it!  What’s on Emilie’s toe?  Are her nails painted?  What colour dress does she have on?  It was pretty funny!

Katie, Kallie, and My Mom!Aunt Anna & Marilyn

What adorable Wrapping!

We then ended the evening with some lovely croquet and badmitten.  However, we were short flamingos, so we had to use the normal mallet.

Croquet!The Ladies

Thank you everyone for making it such a fun celebration!

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