Our First Video Blog

I finally persuaded Tappy to do a video blog with me.  We did not have a plan for it, so I’m sorry if it is unpolished.  We ended up discussing the sermon we heard today- preached by L.C. Sutton at Eminence Christian Church (Where Tappy works as the worship minister).


The sermon had three main points

  • Meaning We need to make our yes, yes, and our no, no.  To further live this out, L.C. challenged us to be intentional with our lives.  Live with meaning.
  • Mentoring Mentoring is an extremely important aspect to Christian growth.  We are informally taught through the company of those older and wiser than us, but it is important to seek out a formal mentor who is intentional about sharing their wisdom and life with you.
  • Memories Memories act as the glue in relationships.  Recalling a memory with a loved one emphasizes that you share the same story.  We must create and remember these.

The first action we decided to take, is to work on memories.  Tonight we created a daily log.  Each notecard has the date written on the top, with each line representing a year.  The first year may not be too rewarding, but as we continue to keep up this tradition we will be able to look back on each day and see what we had done in the previous years.  To see more about this project you can look here, where we got the inspiration.

The challenge, I will have to face, is looking for a mentor.  Tappy currently meets with L.C. weekly to discuss his life, faith, and whatnot… he has taken his position at Eminence to also challenge his character and build his faith.  I have seen a lot of growth in Tappy, and he recommends that I seek out an intentional mentor.




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