As the Details Come Together

I am excited to share with you that there are only 59 days and 20 hours standing between me and the alter!!  ….Although I, personally, am ready for December 10th to come, it’s probably a good thing I still have some days left to get these little details in order.

Tappy and I put together and sent out the invitations after just a few complications- missing addresses, wrong addresses, and the wrong stamps!  However, it was such a joy to drop those in the mailbox together.  We were so excited, I had to document it!

Mailing the Wedding Invites

After a long search for the perfect shoes, I settled on a pair of glitter TOMS.  I decided that 1) no one will see my feet  2) it’s better to be comfy &  3) it’s better not to fall on my big day!  I’ve already received them in the mail and know they were a great choice!  Inspired by pinterest, I hope to write on the soles of them “Mrs. Tapscott” “Est. 12-10-11”  I’ll be sure to post pictures if it turns out cute!

Another big thing we got checked off the to-do list was finding the flower girl dress!  I’m so happy with the decision that was made, here’s a sneak peek!

Delaney the FlowergirlI’m glad Delaney was able to enjoy it as well.  I hear that she felt like a princess trying on all of these pretty dresses!

Tappy & I also put our photoshop skills to use in making the Wedding Programs.  We’re going to have three different, but similar, styles floating around.  The only thing left is to get them printed at a nearby Kinkos! (Unless we find a cheaper option ^_^ )

Our Wedding Programs

Up Next….

  • Ordering the Flowers
  • A Dress Fitting
  • Making a Garter
  • & Writing My Vows

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