We’re going to the Chapel and We’re….

Gunna Get Married!!

Or, rather, we went to the Chapel and got married!  Let me fill you in on our big day with a few of our favorite pictures- brought to you by the amazing Nikki Dukes at Purple Lemon Photography.

The night prior I couldn’t fall asleep, I kept worrying about all the small details – for example, I was worried I couldn’t find my sunglasses for our honeymoon.  Eventually, I called Tappy and he reassured  me and told me I needed to get some beauty sleep.  Thankfully, I fell asleep at some point, but that was the last time I was allowed to contact him until I was walking down the isle.

My morning began with a family breakfast at my sister’s house.  It was great to start this day full of change, with my family who has been so constant in my life.  It was fun to share jokes, memories, and laughter as my family made an intentional effort to encourage and show support of my upcoming marriage.

Realizing the time, I was quickly rushed off to my hair appointment.  We realized, the only way to get a good “taylor swift” curl was to put my hair under the dryer, which would be an all morning process!

I feel like an old lady getting her hair done

While I sat under the dryer, my bridesmaids got their hair done.  It was fun to chat with the ladies, and my hair turned out suuuper curly- perfect for the do I wanted.

Afterwards, we went to the Church for lunch – bring careful not to let the groom see the bride before the wedding.  The entire morning we were juggled around, hiding, and scurrying from location to location so not to be seen.  At some point in the middle of the morning I sent my husband a small package- Purple argyle socks so he didn’t get “cold feet.”

Prior to the ceremony, Nikki got some fantastic shots of us individually.

When things were getting ready to start, I was escorted to the cry room which had a one way glass mirror so I could watch the ceremony leading up to my entrance.  My dad came and joined me, and when it was time we headed towards the doors.

One of my favorite memories from the day is seeing Tappy as my dad walked me down the isle.  At first, he couldn’t see a thing and was cranking himself back and forth trying to get a glimpse…  Nikki captured this funny moment perfectly…

Ethan CrankingThen, once he saw me, I saw his lips move and simply say “WOW!”  I chuckled to myself, and started to have a few tears of joy.  Brian, our minister, started laughing too.

Brian began the ceremony, my dad prayed and gave a blessing, then placed my hand in Tappy’s and the whole thing began.  Tappy and I exchanged vows that we had written ourselves, on top of a traditional set.  Tappy wrote his to perfection, and actually cried!!!  Which is rare for him, which of course made me cry.  The whole day was beautiful and perfect.  When we were announced as Mr. & Mrs. Tapscott, Buble’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” began, and I wanted to dance down the isle.  Once we reached the back door Tappy and immediately broke out into swing dancing – and then He wrapped me up into a grand kiss.

Our real First Dance

Following the ceremony we rode in a borrowed antique car, got more pictures taken, and then met up at the Lincoln Depot for our reception.

During the bouquet toss, I decided to do things a little nontraditional to help my dear friend out.  I was handed the flowers and placed with my back facing all the single ladies.  When the toss was announced, I quickly turned and yelled “Kelsey Catch!” as I chucked the bouquet directly at her!  The flowers landed right in her face, and she was eating flower petals. You see, previously, my bridesmaid- Kelsey, had said an off-handed comment about never getting married, and how she could use the luck of a bouquet toss.  All we could do is try not to laugh.. but the whole thing was just too funny.

Halfway through the party, Tappy helped me change out of my dress so I could swing dance with him.  We did a Choreographed dance (Mario helped us with), but then the real fun began as the band roared and we danced our hardest.  The last two songs were the best, as people switched partners throughout the song, and everyone was on the floor.


Thank you, everyone, for your prayer and support of our marriage.  And thank you, families, for making this day happen in such a large and beautiful way!

All photo credit goes to Nikki Dukes at Purple Lemon, you can see more images and her blog on our day here.

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