Our Honeymoon to Kauai, HI

Kauaii was absolutely beautiful!  By mere luck, we picked the best island to visit, and we can not wait to go back!  Honestly, we don’t feel like we’re missing anything by not visiting the other islands… we fell that in love with Kauai.

My biggest dream for the trip was to get up close and personal with some waterfalls.  The best way to do that in Kauai is via Kayak.  It was an extremely pleasant adventure, and wasn’t as laborious as I had worried- however, that may be due to my wonderful husband’s help.  After seeing a few falls, we also got to swim in one!  The kayak, hike, and all was worth the beautiful sights.

Towards the end of the trip we rented a car – highly recommended!  We got to see so much more of the island in just thirty minute drives.  We saw a beautiful sunset at Poipu, saw the large waves at Ke’e, as well as hit up my husband’s favorite stop: the Kauai Coffee Plantation.

To get all we could out of the trip we woke up every morning around 6am, grabbed breakfast, and enjoyed the scenes just outside our hotel.  We stayed right in the cove of Kalapki beach where restaraunts and outdoor malls surrounded us… but most excitingly the beach was just steps away.

Look at the honeymoon scrapbook I made to see more stories and pictures from our great trip!


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