My Grandmas

Grandmas always have a very special place in your heart… That no one else can fill, and no one else can compare to.  Grandmas are different, so different, than moms or anyone else.

Both of my Grandparents died when I was fairly young, and I have always desired to know them better, been wiser to appreciate the times I did have with them… The one who couldn’t see, and the one who couldn’t hear… My little mind could never comprehend that Grandma had a name other than Grandma.

One was Grandma Eileen: the one who couldn’t see well, but told the best stories about me and my sisters and my pink pony. She would always get me this icecream that was packaged as a log and it had the fanciest lacey carved sides, and she would slice me a piece. She would always serve Macaroni and cheese with shell noodles on a paper plate.  We would watch The Price is Right.  One time I came over and she didn’t have a surprise for me, so she led me into her bedroom and let me pick out a pink lipstick to keep, all of my own.  When she lived in my room I would go up and play her a song on my toy harp, and no matter what she would say it sounded beautiful.  When she was dying, I didn’t understand.  I wouldn’t come downstairs, because I was drawing her a picture and it wasn’t perfect yet.

Grandma Eileen

The other, Grandma Lowe: the one who couldn’t hear, but was always making something with yarn watching the Golden Girls.  We’d always go to visit her… I always wanted to be the one who called to ask for the door to be unlocked, and the one who got to push the button that led us up to her floor.  She was strong, she lost her husband and a son.  I wish I knew her story, I wish I asked and listened.

Grandma Lowe

Marilyn: The grandma I didn’t expect.  She was my niece and nephew’s grandma, my two best friends.  They shared her with me.  We would go to her house and play in her basement all day.  She took me to miniature shows where we got to buy the cutest tiniest things and create rooms out of them in the base of her lamps.  She taught me how to quill, and she’d sew anything I ever needed fixed.  She made me adorable kitchen curtains when I got married.  We both love turquoise, and our kitchens are like sisters.  She aged, but her mind stayed sharp- she had the funniest one liners that you would never expect. “I was going to dress as lady gaga for Halloween, but I didn’t have enough meat in my freezer.”


They are all home now.  That’s the best part….  This isn’t goodbye, because they all clung to Jesus in their heart.

I am sad, but I am so glad this isn’t the end… How relieving is that?!

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