The Mysterious Journey of Life

The weather is finally warming up!  I was starting to lose hope when we got a snow storm on the first official day of spring, but alas, it is coming!  To usher in this warmth, my husband and I have been going on walks.

I’m not sure what it is about walks, but my husband opens up and is willing to talk about anything and everything.  Generally speaking, men are “side-by-side” bonders – Doing an action (e.g. sports) helps them open up and bond with others.  Whereas women are “face-to-face” bonders – We like to sit down over coffee and can chat for hours.  So maybe this theory rings true for Tap, but whatever is the cause I am so thankful for these moments!

On our last walk, Tappy was sharing this story with me… It was at night time, and he was hanging out at a friends house when they began to hear fireworks.  They knew the fireworks were being set off by the lake and decided they were going to run through the woods that lay at his friends backyard to get to the fireworks in time for the grand finale.  As they were running through the branches, twigs, hills, and hurdles – in the dark! – they would hear a loud explosion as the fireworks climbed up and burst into beauty.  In that moment the forest would be illuminated and they were given a small glimpse to see the entire woods before them.

I’ve been thinking of this imagery – often picturing war movies- but then I thought about the mystery of our faith journey.  Hold tight with me here…

How often are we crawling through life in the absolute dark.  We get scraped up by the brokenness of the world, we stumble over hurdles we’ve created for ourselves, and we get frustrated because we don’t even know if we are going in the right direction.  This is where I am.  God knows that I’ve been crawling on all fours wondering if all those hurdles I’ve overcome have a purpose.  Have I gone through this wilderness just to find out I was going the wrong way this whole time?

But then there is a loud explosion!  It shakes the earth under your feet and drops you down to your knees. You hear God speak more clearly than you’ve ever heard Him.  His light bursts and you see the whole path shine before you, and for a glimpse of time you understand where He wants you to go and what He has planned for you.

I pray that you find yourself on your knees in awe. That His glorious path is unfolded before you, and you are able to walk with faith and your chin straight up in the direction you’ve been called!

…like driving at night in the fog. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.

-E.L. Doctorow


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