Birthday #24

Have I mentioned lately, how stinking awesome my husband is?!  Well, in case you forgot, he is absolutely wonderful!!  This year Tappy blew me away with his thoughtfulness.  In fear of missing my expectations, he did ask for a little input, but I thought the man did a fantastic job! So let’s start at the beginning.

Breakfast : Served in bed.

Birthday Breakfast IN BEDKnowing that it was a very special treat to get crepes, my hubby learned how to make them!  He was extra careful to make them as thin as possible, like I like.  Then he gathered all the fixings, so that I had a little buffet in bed.  We had creamy strawberry-banana-blueberry crepes, and Nutella fruit crepes.  mmmm, I was stuffed just in our first meal!  These crepes are addicting! He used this simple recipe here, and had the batter ready overnight for a quick fix in the morning.

Once I was full to the brim, he gave me a small present. I unwrapped it to find bubble bath! He filled up the tub and told me to enjoy, while he ran some errands.  When I got out, and came downstairs I found a single red rose sitting next to a buttercream birthday cake from our favorite local bakery, Brittney’s.  He had asked me to choose the cake beforehand, but made the arrangements himself on how it was to be decorated.

Come What May 24

“Come What May… I will love you until my dying day” are lyrics from a Moulin Rouge song that played at our wedding.  Then he chose the rose, to match the rose he planned on getting me.  In the pink bag was sidewalk chalk, which we played with next!

Sidewalk Chalk

We each drew our favorite memories of our relationship.  Our pictures varied from the proposal, waterskiing, snowskiing, kayaking, and our honeymoon!

Lunch Time : We made a new recipe together and ate it. NOM.

Then Tap hid my present, and I had to hunt for it.  Not my favorite thing to do, but he said it was payback for all the times I’ve done it to him.  After finding it very cutely wrapped, I opened to see that he had gotten me two new fine art prints for our bedroom (which is the only room in our house with bare walls!).  We then took a nap to get ready for our long evening out.

Evening : Dinner at Seasons 52 and Live Piano music in downtown Cincinnati.

Tap dressed up in a dashing suit, and I put on my little black dress for a romantic evening in the city.  We ate at a loved restaraunt called Seasons 52.  They make every plate balanced and within reasonable calories, and are the originators of the shot glass dessert.  We shared delicious blue cheese and steak flatbread, Kona-Crusted Porkchops, and then each our own shot dessert.  Afterwards, he swept me downtown to listen to live piano music.  Once the sun settled, and the moon was high, we went for a walk towards a lovely park full of water features.  We watched the city lights reflect off the river, and walked around the spraying fountains.

Cinci 24

It was the perfect evening, with the perfect man for me.  Hello 24!

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