Car Wash Date

When you’re young newly-weds… or when you’re old & married forever, there are times when you just have to live on love.  Life hands you lemons, you make lemonade.  When debt has you down, you count your pennies and make them count!

One thing we have not put our pennies toward was a carwash.  Tappy and I have not gone to a carwash for… hmm, we can’t remember the last time, so I’d say over a year!  When I lived in my hometown my mom would borrow my car.  Unbeknownst to me, she would borrow it with the sole purpose of taking it for a wash! I’m not sure if it was driving her crazy, or if it was her love language seeping out 🙂  But it was always greatly appreciated!  There were days she would even take it and fill it’s belly with gas; Now that was a well-spring of fortune to us!

In Ohio, we have not had this pleasure… and after a whole summer and a few trips back to Illinois, we decided it had collected enough bugs for a nine dollar premium wash. So, during my lunch break at work, we picked up some dessert and went through the local WishyWashy.  Tap’s new mandolin was in the back seat, so he started playing a tune as we ate our Brittney’s dessert and let the water, soap, and coating wash over our car.


carwashdateIt was so fun to spend this little piece of quiet time with the one I love.  The random, spur of the moment, splurge of the pennies and extra calories were just worth it.  I think it’s the small crazy simple things we do that just stick.


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