Cubicle Life Pt 1 : Shoes

Well, this is certainly a chapter in my life that I never foresaw… That of working in a cubicle.

After assessing our budget, my dreams of moving up in the workforce, and the pursuit of opportunities- My husband and I decided that I take a step out of my old job and into something new.  Our main goal is to make bigger strides in paying off our school loans, but perhaps beyond that, working for the more “corporate” world will get me the connections, the experience, and the padded resume I need in life.

Overall, the change has not been bad.  I have had to update a part of my wardrobe that I left buried and dusty in the corners of my closet.  I had not slipped these on since I went to a “dress-code” semester of school in College.  Let me tell you, it is hard to find work clothes that are all of the following: Modest, Youthful, Trendy, Professional, Well-fitting, Comfortable, and interchangeable for everyday attire.  It is hard to justify a big purchase for work if it isn’t something I would want to grab out of the closet and wear on a weekend.  But since I have to push my way through, I thought I could share with you what I have found.  First off – Work Shoes!

After spending a solid two hours at my favorite store, I found three perfectly comfy, perfectly appropriate footwear for the office.

Ivanka Trump's Lori

Ivanka Trump‘s “Lori” has an extremely squishy insole and a well-fitted turn on the ankle – needed for ballet flats to stay on your feet as you walk!  I particularly like VonMaur‘s limited version in grey.  The pointed toe, bow, and studs add a youthful flair.

Cole Haan Air Tali Lace Wedge

Cole Haan‘s “Air Tali Lace Wedge” is perfect for a dressier look and elongated legs.  Cole Haan‘s wedges are made with Nike Air Soles for comfort, and if you’re anything like me, wedges are much more stable than stilettos!

Born Julianne FlatFinally, we have Born‘s “Julianne” flat.  I have been blessed with these by my parents for my birthday!  A great staple, and they come in several fun summery colors as well (orange, blue, purple, and mint).  These have a comfortable sole and extra arch support.  They are simple, but this classic look goes with anything.  Dress it up or dress it down!

I hope this helps any of you ladies out there! If you’re transitioning into cubicle life, stay tuned, I have just a couple more tips up my sleeve to come!

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