Cubicle Life Pt 2 : Cubicle Decor

When I first learned that I would be working in a cubicle, I was a little hesitant.  High grey walls, eerie quiet, the seldom visitor- but when I went to work I was happy to find that our cubicles are much more like little families.  Every department is set apart with a couple tall walls, and half walls in between each individual in the department.  There is a constant opening for questions, chit-chat, and the occasional dropping of eaves.  The space is open, rather than claustrophobic, and you can see everyone’s heads by just looking up.  It is a much more social environment than offices, and certainly my perception of cubicles- in this way, I have been blessed!

One drawback of cubicles that still remained, though, was it’s drab appearance.  Various shades of grey, and a constant clutter of tacky thumb tacks, post-it notes, and a dozen “must have” documents stuck to the walls.  After a few weeks, I decided to de-clutter my workaholic organized mess, and flare up my cookie cutter box.

Here is a small sample of what I was working with… I forgot to take several “Before” shots, but I assure you it came standard with several documents tacked all over the walls.

Before Cubicle

After doing a little shopping and pre-setup, my husband came in and helped me put up my decorations.

Cubicle After 1Cubicle After 2Cubicle After 4

This remodel was inexpensive, home-y, and inspiring!  I printed off google images and pinterest quotes free at home, cut them out and simply mounted them on cardstock.  Then I bought a little bit of ribbon and fabric.  I used a wide ribbon as a border on my high wall, held up by tacks on each end.  Then I found that the grey cork-ish boards came off the walls, so I wrapped fabric around them, tapped it on the back side (not to do any permanent damage) and then created a french board with ribbon and tacks.  I then took photo favorites and scattered them throughout the design.  Overall, the remodel cost $15 (fabric, ribbon, cardstock, and photos).

If you want to create a wallpaper feel to your cubicle, you could also take a fabric of your choice and measure it to the size of the wall you are covering.  Pre-hem and sew the edges to give it a clean-cut look and tack it down.

I hope you can make a home out of your office! After all, we do spend 40 hours a week there!

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