This is THE day that the LORD has made!

Friday morning, the alarm goes off, we hit snooze and get out 9 minutes of cuddle time.  Then we begrudgingly ease our way out of the bed for our morning routine.  Tap uses the bathroom first, I make the bed and take too long trying to figure out what to wear.  The bathroom is free, I use it, do my makeup and hair as the wonderful smells of breakfast waft upstairs.  It’s a good system.

It was Friday though… The bookend of a long work week, and the day my hubby takes his sabbath.  The day where it’s hard to go to work because I have been there for four days and I know my husband is at home.  This last Friday, though, my dad calls me and asks, “Have anything great in store today?”  With sarcasm and a blah attitude I said something like oh just work…  That’s when he called me out, and did the father thing I love and will cherish.  “But today is the day that the Lord has made!  We need to rejoice and be glad in it… Just because you are at work doesn’t mean God isn’t still there. He has placed blessings wherever you go, for you to find!” Then he challenged me to look for those blessings throughout my day.

Wow! right? That is a simple concept, one we know in our heads, but forget so easily in our hearts and attitudes.  I don’t want to live 40 hours of my week believing God is not there, when He is!  I don’t want to let the devil trick me, and fall in his snare to hate the workplace and refuse to see God in every waking hour. So I took up my dad’s challenge… and these were my blessings last Friday

-My hubby made me an above and beyond breakfast!  CREPES! (on a Friday!!)

-The zits that I had been vainly struggling with for two weeks were starting to fade.

-I went to work and the IT guy came to my desk immediately to fix several problems I had been having. So not only did I get several problems fixed and a brand new mouse, but I got to have friendly and fun conversations for the first hour of my workday.

-My workday was busy and fast-paced, but not stressful – Resulting in a quick day!

-That evening I had plenty of time to unwind with Tap, so we went for a walk.

-We spent the remainder of the evening around a campfire, feeling the first of the Fall weather coming our way, and wrapping up our day with wonderful conversations and fellowship.


God will hide blessings in every nook and cranny of your life! What blessings have you discovered?


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