The Closing of October

My husband loves EVERYTHING Fall!  He tells me that it is because Fall is laced with the exciting memories of us first dating, but I know that it’s more than that.  Tap has always loved fall : the smells, the weather, the layered clothing, the food, the costumes, the bonfires, the haunted houses, and the memories (of his childhood and our relationship).

His mom would always make him the best costumes.  I know, because I’ve heard each one described in detail – every year Halloween comes around! haha.  It was a time where he and his brothers would get together and do their boyish thing, it’s a memory he ties to family time and a lot of momma love!

For us, it was the defining moments of our relationship.  Our first date was making homemade apple cider on a farm!  Then we spent our nights running around in the dark through an old abandoned house, walking in the brisk night air, and watching the stars on clear nights.  We did haunted houses, and creative costumes, and sipped our coffee in our hipster flannel shirts.  This season set our relationship with high expectations of adventure and fun – Unlike our past relationships where the expectations were low, too low, and centered around hormones and being couch potatoes- We spent our dating time square dancing, pumpkin carving, and thrill seeking.

I am happy to have these fun and exciting memories!  Memories are the glue to all relationships, and it’s the nostalgia that blows back every year that whispers why we fell in love.  We have been so blessed to have gotten our relationship on the right foot.  Fall, I can say I love fall, for all it’s done for us and all the adventures it continues to offer!



So! Happy Halloween!

From Alice and the Mad Hatter!

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