Identity Crisis

It’s funny how “coincidences” start to flood your life.  I think God uses these moments of redundancy to get our attention, because once is never enough.  With the ear-numbing pounds of the world, culture, and society, we can’t hear the whispers of truth.  In all honesty, we distance ourselves so far from Christ, and we roll ourselves up in the down-feather blankets of our culture that we can’t even hear God’s thunderous voice!  He can be speaking loud and clearly, but we’ve knocked ourselves out in a placid, unconscious, and nasty little place.

Recently, I have been flogged with blogs and excerpts on self-love, and identity.  It started when I came across a facebook status of a collegemate promoting his sister’s blog.  It was entitled My Self-Love Journey. As I read through it, I could sympathize with her words, and the ending just nailed me down!

I learned that a great tool to uncover what your true feelings are about yourself is by saying good things about yourself out loud, and then noting your emotional reaction to the words coming out of your mouth. Try saying these things out loud, right now:

“I love myself.”

“I am valuable.”

“I am intelligent.”

“I am a blessing to my family.”

“I like myself and people like being around me.”

“I am freaking gorgeous.”

There wasn’t a single phrase that did not make me feel absolutely ridiculous.  Like Ariel mentioned, I cringed at the thought!  Some of these words wouldn’t even cross my lips.  I realized then that I was not solid in who I was.  I was disappointed with myself, and I had lost my focus and purpose in life.  Not having clear goals that I believed I could obtain, defined me as a failure.  I had told myself lies until I believed them, and I have yet to unravel the darkest ones.

Rick Warren’s blog, Know Who You Are, was the next whisper.  To truly find peace in who you are, you need to rest your identity in “WHOSE you are.”  We are made in God’s image!  To discover what we are to look like, we need to know Him first.

It’s funny, I have been taught this so many times.  In fact, I recently had an opportunity to teach it to others!  Being so caught up in the busyness and noise of life, I didn’t even hear myself!  “Who are you?!” I asked.  “You are a child of God, the one TRUE King!  You are HIS segullah people!”  Segullah means God’s treasured possession.  I related the way I treat my treasured possessions, to the way God probably views us.  I like to keep them safe, I don’t like to let other people borrow it, in worry of it becoming damaged.  God is jealous for us, He wants to keep us safe.  He does not want to share us with the things that will harm us.  God treasures us.  He LOVES us.

We hear this message so much, we teach this message all the time, that we’ve become numb to the power of it.  Then we let our own self-doubt come into play.  If we don’t love ourselves, how can anyone love us.  BUT THAT IS FALSE!  I am still learning this.  I have to relearn it every week!  I am strangling myself when it comes to identity and self love.  These lies are choking all the life out of us.

If God can love me, I can love me.


Teach me to see myself the way You do.  Open my eyes to the things I do not see.  Lend me your eyes, lend me your heart.  Fill me with your Spirit, Lord, so that we can be of one heart again.

In Jesus name, Amen.


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