Caramel Walks

Towards the end of the month we seem to run our dates envelope pretty thin, but have several nights left where we could really use some quality time out of the apartment routine.  And when you’re living on a budget, you learn to get creative!

That’s when we started having “Caramel Walks.”  There is a local coffee shop down the street from our house that has 45 cent caramels.  When we are out on a walk, we stop inside to warm up, or for a cheap treat.  We each get a caramel and turn back onto our journey.  We would treasure that small caramel our whole trek back.  I would stick it to the roof of my mouth, sliding my tongue over it’s candied sweetness.  It would take everything in me not to swallow it too soon!

This small simple treat reminded me of a story.  I can’t remember it, so if you can please help me out!  But there was a child who never got candy or butter for their bread.  It was such a lavish waste in that time period.  People did not have the money, nor the products to use on something so … simply unnecessary. Then at Christmas, the child was given a caramel.  One small caramel, and they treasured it and ate it so slowly as to not miss a single taste. One caramel was a treat!

So as I slowly turned mine in my mouth, I thought about how privileged we are.  God not only cares for our needs, but lavishes on us more than enough wants.  And although our budget can’t keep up with the Jones’, it is more than enough!  Our budget is stock full of blessings.


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