Chicago at Christmas

When I was younger, my family would make a weekend trip up to Chicago to see the Marshall Field’s Christmas window displays.  I remember always getting Garrett’s popcorn, waiting outside the giant Nike store, and pleading to go, instead, to the American Girl Store.  It was always so much fun to be in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Christmas, with beautiful decorations all around you;  As well as a vast array of stores to do your Christmas shopping in!

Since it had been years since I’d gone to Chicago at Christmastime, my husband and I made a double date with my parents to go the second weekend of December.  We did all of the standard traditions!  I took my husband to see the Walnut Room with it’s large and gorgeous Christmas tree, got him two bags of Garrett’s popcorn, and walked the snowy streets of Chicago with the twinkling Christmas lights on every city block.  It was so much fun!

Chicago Dec '13

The cherry on top, was seeing a Chicago Broadway show – Wicked!  Although Tappy had the soundtrack memorized, and I had grown up reading plenty of the OZ books, neither of us had seen the play.  It was so exciting to usher into the beautiful Oriental Theatre, built in 1926 during the Roar! Every facet of the building was laden with artwork, glimmering in gold and marble tones with intricate attention to detail.  It was magnificent to be a part of such a treat!  Then, the show itself, was beyond our expectations!  It was funny! I had no idea, but I laughed heartily several times and enjoyed the escape.  Glinda reminded me a lot of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde– innocently self-indulgent, hopelessly materialistic, and genuinely unaware with a giant heart at full capacity.  You should definitely treat yourself to a viewing!


The finale of our weekend ended up being our favorite part- and the funny thing is, it was completely unplanned and happened merely on a whim.  Saturday morning we decided that we wanted to go out for breakfast.  After yelping a few places within walking distance I found a spot I wanted to hit up.  We bundled up and went outside to be met with a beautiful snow flurry.  It was the warmest day of the weekend and the snow was large and whimsical as it fell.  We walked through this beautiful weather and found adorable Christmas clad stoops, snow covered gates, and beautiful naked trees.  Then we turned the corner and found our stop.  A cute little three story building outlined in lights, calling us in with it’s yummy smells and warmth.  The Sunnyside Up Cafe & Coffee Shop was an absolute hit.  With a seasonal cranberry almond waffle, breakfast sandwiches, hot chocolate, and our first helping of the infamous croinut.  We had a blast in our hole in the wall!

Sunnyside Up Cafe

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