How to Pack for the Disney Cruise

All vacations are tricky to pack for.  Weather is unpredictable, as is your mood.  You are limited on space, but have a variety of experiences to dress for.  Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Know your season.

Look up the average weather for the week you are vacationing and where.  Keep in mind that nights can get cool on a cruise with the sea breeze, dark nights, and in the air-conditioned restaurants and theatres.  Make sure to pack sweaters, but realize they are the bulkiest items.  Try to pack only two sweaters: one casual, and one for your dresses.  Be sure to wear one on the plane to save on suitcase space.

  • Have 2-3 tops for every bottom.

When you are limited on space it is essential to max out your wardrobe by making pieces interchangeable.


  • Pack multiple swimsuits and coverups.

You will be spending most of your time in the pools and ocean.  Swimwear will be a big part of your wardrobe, so make them count.  Also, keep in mind, you may not want to squeeze into an already-wet swimsuit!

  • Pack for your excursions.

Are you horseback riding? Jeans and closed-toe shoes will be required.  Do you plan on taking advantage of the free gym or the running deck?  Don’t forget a sturdy sports bra and your running shoes!  For the rocky beaches and the sharp coral reef you may want to bring a pair of sturdy watershoes or Keens.

Moped around Cosumel

  • Pack for your parties.

The Disney ships are known for their Pirate Party on deck.  If you want to go all out, go for it.  If you are light on space, pack a bandana, nautical top, or eye patch.

Other parties in the Adult section included a 70’s night, an 80’s night, and a Cowboy Line Dancing night.

There is also a “formal night” which is not enforced, but is still advertized.  Also, if you are planning on having a special dinner at Palo be sure to pack a sportscoat, suit, or cocktail dress.

  • Pack for your dinners.

It’s fun to wipe off the sweat from the day and spice yourself up for dinner.  Although it is “cruise casual” a lot of ladies wear simple sundresses for dinner, and men will jazz up with khaki shorts and a nice v-neck or polo.  Remember there are always great photo opportunities too!



If you want to match the restaurants here are some ideas:

Animator’s Pallet : Go black, white, and grey to match the simple sketched theme of the restaurant.

Triton’s : This “Little Mermaid” themed, french cuisine restaurant would pair perfectly with sea colors : blues, teals, turquoise, and purple!

Parrot Cay : Is an “island paradise” with bright oranges, yellows, and greens.  Wear something fun and tropical!

  • Keep your shoes simple.

Shoes take up space, try to keep it simple to match every outfit.  Make sure all your shoes can be worn more than once.  I packed one pair of sandals, one pair of dress shoes, and one pair of tennies for all the walking in Cozumel!

  • Finishing Touches with Accessories.

After you have composed Head to Toe outfits make sure you have the perfect accessories to match.  Necklace, bracelet, anklet, toe rings, earrings.  Accessories are the ornaments of your clothes.  They make it pop, they express you, and they finalize your look.  Not to mention they take up little space!

  • Dress to Sweat.

It’ll be hot.  I packed a lot of cami’s and loose tops for high air flow.  Remember to pack light colors and lots of sunscreen!

  • Pack the appropriate underwear!

I made sure to have plenty of nude colored underwear for my white shorts, pants, and skirts.  Remember to pack bandeaus and cami’s for the sheer or plunging tops.  You may want to pack multiple bras: halter, strapless, nude, and black to look seamless in all your outfits.  Not to mention you may sweat badly in them and need a fresh one the next day.  Are your dresses a little short? Pack a pair of volleyball shorts to wear underneath, that can still breathe but provide comfort.

  • Pack a Watch and Camera.

You may want a watch!  You will cruise through a couple time zones and have activities planned every hour.  Also, a camera should be picked based off your excursions.  Waterproof and drop safe are good options to consider!

  • Last Minute Shopping

Airlines limit the amount of liquids you are allowed to carry onto the plane.  Tap and I bought all of our sunscreen after our plane ride and before we got on the boat, because the price will be much higher once you’re trapped!  We also bought big items like shaving gel, and aloe.

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