Trunk or Treat!

Last Friday night, our church had their annual Trunk or Treat.  Have you ever been to one? It is a lot of fun! And a lot easier than the real trick or treating thing.

Cars line up in a parking lot with all of their trunks facing in.  Each car is decorated and ready to pass out candy to all of the kids.  It’s a great way for kids to dress up, get candy, and play with their friends in a safe and worry-free environment.

Last year, Tap and I were the Mad Hatter and Alice.  We try to have our trunk match our characters, so we had the Cheshire Cat smiling through our back window, and had the candy sprawled out on a table set for an Unbirthday Tea Party.  It was freezing cold, though, and most of the kids were too young to know who we were.

This year, we wanted to be characters all of the kids would recognize.  I took a basic one-day sewing class at a local Jo-Anne’s and have been sewing up a costume slowly since.  Tap rigged his together from pinterest and here we are!

FrozenTrunkOlaf and Elsa! From Frozen!

All the kids knew exactly who we were! And we had a lot of fun passing out icey-looking rock candy from our snowy little trunk.

My sweet husband put a lot of time into making our snowflakes. It was so sweet to see the little one’s eyes get big when they recognized who we were.  Later on, my “sister,” Anna, joined us with her man Christoph.  haha. In other words, unbeknownst to us, another couple came dressed with their family and just so happened to complete the set! FrozenGroupIt was a lot of fun.  Candy, Hot Cider, Pumpkin Decorating, and a Costume Contest.  What a great and wholesome way to celebrate!



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