A Weeknight Date

Who says you have to wait for the weekend to go on a date?  Although there is a bit less time, and another work day looming around the corner, it’s nice to get a break from the daily grind.

Last week, my husband asked me out for a Wednesday date.  After work, he drove down to Dayton and met me at one of our favorite restaurants- Thai 9.  I sipped on a Thai Tea, and we shared a Red Curry over delicious sticky rice.  We skipped appetizers and sushi so that we would have room to try dessert for once!  The homemade coconut icecream with fried bananas came, and we slowly dug in.  It was a treat!

Following dinner, we walked around the quaint shops in the Oregon District until it was time for the next stop.  He had done his research, and found a live jazz band performance for only a $7 entrance fee. It was the Liz & Rex Review at “The Connections.”  Although the band did not play any upbeat East Coast Swing, we still enjoyed the accompaniment while snacking on pretzels and having some heart-to-heart, face-to-face time.

We stumbled along trying to pick up the footwork of unfamiliar dances, and laughed at one another, enjoying being close while the band played on.  I am thankful for this break, and my husband rescuing me during my work week.  He did a little digging, and found a great way to connect with me. He was intentional all night!  Neither of us looked at our phones, and we just sat back and listened.  He slowed down, and brought me with him.  Forgetting work and the to-do-lists, we invested our night in each other.

Thank you, My Love.

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