I will look back…

There are times in our Spiritual Journey where it feels that we are merely walking, one step at a time, through a dull and boring desert.  We feel far from the awe-inspiring mountains of God’s majesty, we desire the exhilaration of free falling into His oceans of grace, and we lose sight of His peaceful islands.  Instead, we feel stuck in a place of drought, but we receive postcards of all these wonderful places God is taking our friends or family… wondering when it will be our turn again for a vacation into a spiritual “high”.

Life may be a roller coaster of ups and downs, and we may be experiencing a plateau in our lives, but God is consistent.  We can trust that God is with us always, and that He is there even in the mundane.  During these times of silence, boredom, or uncertainty… It is important to look back…

Just this Sunday we were singing “I will look up,” and my tongue caught on the words “I will look back and see that you are faithful.

There are so many times that I am too busy, too caught up in my own life, that I forget to seek and remember my Lord and Savior.  All the prayers God has answered, and although I asked, I never waited to hear His response.  All I have to do is look back on my own life, and God consistently proves Himself and His love for me.

Through my body-image issues, and all my insecurity, God loved me and taught me to be confident in who He created me to be.  God forgave me for all my wrong-doings, and over time He helped unlock me from the chains of sin and guilt.  When I was too weak to make the right choices, He put roadblocks in my path and reminded me to turn around.  He protected me from the things I was unable to bare, and He strengthened me by challenging me in the things I thought were impossible.  God has seen me through, and continues to bless me with friends, family, forgiveness, love, food, shelter, and so much more.

What are some ways God has proved Himself to you over your life?

Let’s look back and see that He IS faithful.



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