Christmas Shopping on a Budget

My husband and I are still in the stage of life where we love to give gifts, but we have to keep them in a budget.  With three sisters and two brothers of my own combined with Tappy’s three brothers and a sister… AND! if you want to count them: all of the significant others, eleven nieces and nephews, and so on and so forth… It simply adds up!  However, we love them all so much and think of them often, it can be hard not to get them something.  Here are a few ideas of how to do this while maintaining a budget.

Help find the “perfect gift” for other shoppers.

As my husband and I are shopping, we see items that would be perfect for him or her, but are out of our budget.  So I found a fun little loop-hole.  Anytime this happens, I text other family members who are still on the hunt and offer to pick up these items for them to give this Holiday season.  I have made myself a Christmas Elf parading as a shopping assistant.  That way I can think of others, find the “perfect” gift, without spending a dime… of my own.

* if you do this, try the Cash App! It is an easy and quick way to be reimbursed.

Make Something.

Another way we have kept our gifts in a budget is by making gifts.  In the past we have made Sharpie Mugs, Christmas ornaments, Sugar Scrubs (only 4 ingredients!), Roasted Pecans, and hand-knit scarves. There are tons of crafty ideas on pinterest!  The key is to make something that is still desirable or practical.

ModPodge Ornament of Memories

ModPodge Ornament of Memories

Tapscott Tested and Approved

Old Fashioned Roasted Pecans

The Cozy Old Farmhouse – DIY Sharpie Mug

The cheapest ingredients for a scrub!

Stephanie Lynn’s Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub

Get Creative, see your budget as a fun challenge.

For those who are competitive, I know you will rise to the occasion!  Set a budget, whether it be under $5 or $20.  Then race to find the best deal or most unique present within your limits. Most individuals who value gifts as a way they feel loved and appreciated, don’t actually care about the price.  They care that you have picked up on something about them and remembered it.  For example, seeing that they always carry “extra” gum in their purse, or how they never seem to have socks without holes, or how they could really use a new ice-scraper.

Be attentive. Prove that you listen, you notice, and you care.

Wrap it Up for a King.

I am a firm believer that any present, big or small, can feel special if it is wrapped properly.  Putting in that extra effort to present your gift in a magical way, will make your loved ones feel extra special.  For example, I tied twine around each scarf and tied a bow through a button to give it an extra touch of love.

Check out other great wrapping ideas here, on my pinterest board for gift wrap.

To conclude, here are my 4 tips:

  1. Help find the “perfect gift” for other shoppers.
  2. Make Something.
  3. Get Creative, see your budget as a fun challenge.
  4. Wrap it Up for a King.

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