Virgil & Kathleen Lowe

My mom and dad were, of course, two of the most influential people in my life.  They have both been there for me no matter what.  In my teen years when I thought they didn’t know a thing, when in reality they had the wisdom I needed the most, they were there. They held on strong when I was pushing away, because they knew better than I did that I would need them.  They wiped away the tears, they encouraged me to strive for better, they reminded me to be humble, but they were there to catch me when I’d fall.


My mom inspires me by her strength.  Everything she has faced in her childhood, and how she grew up too fast, the responsibility she took up without being asked- She is strong and still today she holds our family together and she is a fighter.  She always displayed a strong work ethic, family-first values, and most importantly a free-giving faith.  God has held her close and she always praises Him for His protection.  She taught me about the comfort God gave her throughout all the trials in her life, and she showed me her unwavering faith.


My dad inspires me by his wisdom.  Throughout my childhood, I could always count on dad to know the scriptures, to answer my questions, and to always fold reason and faith together in every answer to life’s problems.  He relies on God heavily, and gives every day to the Lord. He never misses a beat, He knows that God is in every thread and every fabric of our life and he never answers without acknowledging God’s role in the situation.

They taught me to work hard, to put my faith in God, and to love others.  When I messed up they showed me grace and forgiveness.  When I needed counsel they were always there with answers and prayers.  When I didn’t believe in myself, which is often, they believed in me.  My dad is always breathing life into my dreams saying that He knows God has something in mind for me.  They are my cheerleaders, and I love them so very much.  They have instilled in me to be an adventurer and a believer.

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