Katie Hoinacki & Amie Kenney

Katie is my oldest sister and my second mom.  Her children, Kallie & Ethan, were so close to my age that they were my best friends.  To outsiders they would think that we are cousins.  Growing up, I was always at Katie’s house on Frorer. We would climb the tree and fall out of it with sap all over our hands.  We would play in the basement and do mischievous things.  A lot of the time we would play legos or hide n go seek.

In my memory, Katie and Jeff were always watching me.  I’m sure this involved a lot of time, supervision, meals, and discipline.  I distinctly remember a few spanking’s from Jeff.  As I grew up, Katie’s role shifted from a motherly figure to a true sister and friend.  We could mutually share and confide in one another, encourage each other, and cry together.

Katie has a good heart, the best of intentions, and truly desires to make all people happy.  She is fun and goofy, and the social butterfly, not afraid to be silly.

Screen shot 2014-12-24 at 4.28.10 PM

Amie is the second oldest, my twin, and my mentor.  Before she had children of her own, she treated me like hers.  As a baby I slept in her room, showered with her, and ate her licorice.  I don’t remember a lot of what she did for me, but I know it from pictures and stories.  She also spoiled me at Christmas and with sleepovers.  I loved to make elevators in her tree, and play school in her basement.

By highschool she went from my sister to my teacher and mentor.  She was always my sounding board, and would hear me vent and listen to my drama.  She would read and discuss books with me that would solidify my worldview and shape my character.  She knew things about me that others did not, and she kept them when she could.

Amie is tough on the outside, but soft on the inside.  She is full of empathy and understanding, she only speaks the truth, and her stubbornness has made her successful.

Tapscott Wedding-086

My sisters have influenced who I am today. I look up to them and admire them, and see small pieces of them in myself.  They are constant and stable, more than any friend.  They have certainly spent many “minutes” on me.

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