5 Ways FitBit has Encouraged Me and Improved My Health Routine

60 days before our big summer vacation (another Disney Cruise) and I am 5 pounds under my heaviest weight ever, yet still 10 pounds over what my goal weight is.  I don’t mind how I look… in clothes, but when it comes to a Swim Suit there is some tonage that should happen, but most importantly, I need to make some healthy life changes.

Icecream or Brittney’s Cake? This shouldn’t be a daily decision I make. Instead I should be eating more vegetables and deciding if I want to do a Jillian Michaels DVD or go to Zumba.

To get motivated, I got my husband on board.  We made a deal: If I walked five days a week for the next 50 days I could buy a FitBit Zip. One extremely on target week later, my husband surprised me with an early award. A bright pink Zip was now a new ligament of my body… In my pocket, or clipped to my clothing, this thing quickly became a part of my flesh and blood.


I thought that getting this reward so soon would deter me from accomplishing my goals, but instead it has made this journey more fun!  The zip has encouraged me, or rather the community of FitBit has.

Shortly after my purchase, two other girls in my office ran to Dick’s to get their own.  We celebrated this united effort for healthy lives by participating in a Weekend Warrior challenge.  From midnight Saturday morning until 11:59pm Sunday we would wage war, and whoever out-stepped the rest won the virtual trophy.

So how did FitBit help? Fitbit:
  1. Gave me some healthy competition
    • Let me just say, I did NOT KNOW that I was competitive until this challenge.  After a long and busy Sunday, I went on a run with my husband in the sprinkling rain at 9:30 at night until I could catch up with my colleagues!  I would walk during an hour long netflix episodes, step in place while blow drying my hair, and file my nails while pacing the living room.  It sounds ridiculous, and perhaps too simple, but even standing burns more calories than sitting.  In the end I won the trophy with 28,795 steps!
  2. Showed me that I wasn’t drinking enough water
    • In the FitBit App they have an easy to use Water Tracker. You can either type in the amount of ounces you drink, or you can click on one of 4 standard cup sizes and log it after you drain your glass.  Throughout the day it fills up a human figure with blue water.  So far, I have not once filled up my little human… With effort, I have only made it neck deep in water.
  3. Helped me celebrate my small accomplishments
    • This is one of my favorite aspects of the FitBit.  Several fitness gurus state that you need to break down your Big and Long-term goals into small, achievable steps.  FitBit does this for you by acknowledging your improvements.  I have received 4 badges: 1st: Boat Shoe Badge (5,000 steps in one day); 2nd: Sneakers Badge (10,000 steps); 3rd: Urban Boot Badge (15,000); 4th Marathon Badge (walking 26 miles over the course of my “fitbit life”)
  4. Made Health a Daily decision
    • I make a daily decision to put my Zip on.  I get push notifications from the app and the friends in my FitBit community.  I walk every day: to get to the car, to get into work, to shop for groceries, but zip helps me acknowledge the days that I sit on my tush a little too long at work and when I need to get a few more steps for my fay.
  5. Helped Me Set Goals
    • When you log into FitBit for the first time it asks questions and helps you focus on your goals.  It does all the heavy calculations for you, and if you follow the plan you should succeed.

In the end, it doesn’t matter whether you have a fitbit on your hip or not.  What really matters is that we take the steps to become healthy, and we make the small sacrifices it takes to keep us motivated and moving.  For me at this time, the FitBit has done that.

What works for you? What keeps you motivated and on track for your health and fitness?
What creative ways do you get more steps in your day?

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