Love Letters & Valentines

Do you remember writing notes in class? Putting pen to paper, practicing those bubble letters your BFF always uses, or staying true to your own mixture of print and cursive… Then carefully folding your message into a triangular “football” hiked to your recipient.

What about those handmade valentine’s that came out of the Family Fun magazine? Staying up with mom and the hot glue gun pouring your heart into the craft of wiggly eyes and Hershey’s kisses.

Or my favorites…. handwritten notes quickly jotted by mom left in my lunchbox, or the love letters Tappy would leave me to discover on my lunch breaks from working at Walmart.

I even remember in highschool one friend painstakingly made recycled paper in his blender, and I marveled at his dedication to the art of letter writing.

Love Letters & Valentines

Whether it’s a homemade valentine, or a hand-picked and store bought one… Whether it’s a full blown love letter or a sneaky post-it note… Take the time to write a little love to those you love. Surprise them with your old-fashioned thoughtfulness!


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