Ditch the Flowers… Our Valentine Traditions

Have you noticed that the price of flowers almost double in the month of February? And those cute heart shaped boxes actually hold less candy?

I love fresh flowers to smell and tend to, and I LOOOOVE my chocolate. However, in the month of February we decided to skip the cliches and start our own traditions to get more bang for our buck. I’d rather have small bouquets throughout the year if it means skipping them tomorrow, and my chocolate can come in any shape or form and you know they’ll be eaten!

If flowers and chocolates is what your significant other truly truly wants though, don’t you dare blame it on me. Splurge! The love of your life is worth it! But if you want to stretch your date dollars this month here are a few go-to Valentine date ideas.

image1 (1)

Put Together a Spa Kit

You can gather some of these items from what you already own and mix them in with a few inexpensive additions: Soap or Bath bomb for soaking, pumice stone or grater for smoothing, lotion for healing, and a new nail polish or face mask as a cherry on top! Soak your feet together in a warm sudsy bath or tub, scrape the old, massage with lotion, and voila. She’ll feel pampered!

Give an at Home Massage

My hubby will never turn down a massage. He will take one in a box with a fox, here or there, or anywhere! You can make a cute coupon if you have time, but honestly he doesn’t need one- He just wants the massage. Up the game with some lotion, oil, candles, or how you dress.

Check out a new to you RomCom from the Library

Redbox is less than 2 bucks, and Family Video isn’t bad either, but the Library is free! Rent an old tried and true, or try some of our favorites: Flipped, You’ve Got Mail, Moulin Rouge, The Proposal, Charade, Pillow Talk, & If a Man Answers.

Dine in now, Eat out later

It can be hard to get a reservation on Valentine’s Day, and once you are out and about you realize that it is BUSY! The roads, the restaurants… you may even feel shuffled about and whisked quickly through your meal. Skip the hustle and have a romantic candle-lit dinner at home and make reservations for another weekend to make up for having to cook. We always grab fancy steaks from Sams and serve them with our favorite drink!

Make it Special, Whatever You Do

Whether you choose to go out, or stay in- Be sure to make it special! Valentine’s Day is a day to remind us to cherish one another and not take each other for granted. Be sure that your significant other doesn’t go unnoticed. Tell them how much they mean to you, be specific. Spoil them with a massage, gift, or dinner. Get dressed up, light some candles, and make them feel loved.


What are your Valentine Traditions? Do you love splurging on a night on the town or do you prefer cuddling up close at home? Give us some ideas for next year in the comments!


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