How to Sweep them off their Feet…. Again

During the beginning of a relationship you work hard to impress your crush. You want to snag that guy, woo that girl, knock them off their feet and fall madly-deeply-in-love!

Dating is marked by adventures, small surprises, and sweet gestures- In short, dating is going out of your way to make the other feel loved.

I remember going out of my comfort zone for the sake of my partner’s interests- For Tappy, I went bowling even though I think it’s boring, I’m lousy at it, and I always walk away with a painfully broken nail. For me, Tappy took me on a special date to Chicago even though he always dreaded the traffic.  Countless women watched sports for their mates, and men danced for their ladies. But overtime, what we were willing to do to snag them we stop doing once they are snagged. Can you relate?


So the first step to sweeping them off their feet all over again, is to rekindle that habit of adventure and compromise. Spice it up! Get out of your Rut. Do something for them.  Here are a few places to start brainstorming.

1) Do Something They Love

Does your hubby watch sports, fish, hunt? Is there something you already know that they love, but you’ve never taken the time to try it? Take the chance to do it now.

Does your wife love her spin class at the rec, reading mystery novels, or watching chick flicks? Indulge a little.

Honestly for us… this would be me sitting down and watching Tappy’s beloved Dr. Who, and Tappy painting pottery with me.

Maybe your partner doesn’t want you tagging along though… and that’s ok! We all need our me-time, but I’m sure they would love for you to take a little interest in hearing about their day and how they spent that me-time! So take a minute and actively listen to their story.

2) Try Something New to Both of You

When we got engaged we specifically chose to honeymoon at a place neither of us had ever been before. We wanted our “special spot” to only share memories of us as a couple. This spot brings up so many memories and emotions for us now, and we can’t wait to revisit it for the special meaning it’s created for us.

In the same way, create new memories only the two of you share. If it is new to both of you it evens the playing field and adds to the mystery and adventure of it all.

During the course of dating we would take dance lessons, but there are still so many things we haven’t tried! Like a cooking class, rock climbing and belay course, or horse-back riding…

Whatever it is, big or small. Try something new! Take a class, read a book, try a new restaurant, or travel to a new spot.


Now you tell me… What did you do in the dating years to impress your mate? What is something you want to try now?


Tappy and I are going to start small. We are committing to trying a new restaurant this week and dressing up for the date like we used to.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled, as we are going to keep talking about how to rekindle the romance in our relationship by taking a look at our past.

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