As I was reviewing the past few months of our budget… taking a deeper look at where each dollar was spent, I was surprised that an area that once ruled was gone almost completely- Date Night.


Here, we are always advocating to schedule time for each other. We tell others to plan ahead, write it in ink, get it on the calendar or it won’t happen. Yet in the shuffle of holidays and extra hours at work- our eating out budget was for quick subs during our separate lunch breaks.

As I looked at the receipts I thought… yea, I guess that’s right. We opted to participate in that gift exchange instead of dinner. We grabbed that caffeine pick-me-up on our way to work instead of with one another.

Those Date Night dollars found new ways to be spent, but not on intentional intimacy-building date nights. We both dropped the ball a little.

But hey, it happens and that’s ok! Let’s just pick up where we left off and get that ink on the calendar again!

So if you, like us, haven’t been on a date in a while. Let this be your little reminder to put it on the calendar. Set aside your time, and money where possible, for this.

Because this is where intimacy is built- In the consistency of time well spent together.


Come back and tell us what you did on your date this week!

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