Our Story

How We Met

Having run into each other at the University Chapel, Cafeteria, Walmart lines, and at Focus, an interest began to grow. During our 2010 Fall Semester we would see each other in passing as I left class and he came in. We would secretly wait in the lobby hoping to catch the other, while we talked to our mutual friend, Thor. After a few weeks of this, and many promises of hanging out beyond the Chapel lobby, I got tired of waiting. Wishing that I had clenched a date, I walked back up the stairs and into his classroom. As he was getting settled in his chair and ready for class, I threw my hands on the desk in front of him and said, “Tappy we should hang out sometime!” Agreeing, he messaged me on facebook that day to set up a time to meet. Our first outing was to the Lovett’s Farm to make homemade apple cider. It was fun to interact with him and my Church family, as well as have such a unique first date. We spent the following days together. I assisted Tappy in borrowing a sound system for an outdoor movie night. When we went to see “Flipped” in the theatre, we raced down the isle, and swing danced in front of the big screen. Tappy invited me to explore an old abandoned house, and we stargazed until the sun came back up. Rollerblading, dancing, and dreaming were all a part of the great chemistry that started our relationship. Each day was filled with anticipation for the next adventure and the next step…. and the adventure continues.


The Proposal

Not having many opportunities lately, Tappy and I had planned to go on a date.  Because the weather had finally started to warm up we decided that we would rollerblade at my favorite park, then grab a bite to eat at Famous Dave’s.  Once we arrived, I began to put my rollerblades on.  When Tappy locked his car, I looked up confused, because I had yet to put away my shoes.  He assured me that he could simply carry them in his backpack.  A backpack was not a normal accessory for Tappy, so I was even more confused.  He explained that he wanted to play in the park later.  Assuming that he had packed a frisbee, I let it be, and he packed my sandals into his bag.  After rollerblading for a while, Tappy took a detour back to the parking lot.  Unhappy with our very short visit, I asked him why he wanted to leave.  Realizing that he was just a curious boy, I followed him around the campus nearby.  When we came back to the park, Tappy tried to direct me to the fountain.  Excited to be rollerblading again I took a stark right to go up and around the fountain.  Little did I know, Tappy had a hidden entourage on this path.  He recovered by passing onto my far side and distracting me with flattery.  As we came back down on the right side of the fountain, Tappy asked that I turn left.  Being contrary, yet again, I went the opposite direction.  Stopping halfway towards the fountain, I put another pause on Tappy’s plans.  Finally, we approached the fountain and I saw a darling picnic laying out by the water fall.  As I mentioned how cute it was, Tappy noted that he had actually done it for me.  Shocked I tried to look for his team.  Logan Butts was caught! He smiled and awkwardly hid again from view.  Tappy had sparkling apple cider to reflect our first date.  We sat down and ate German Chocolate cake, talking about small things from the day.  The whole time I was battling the reality of the situation… I was convinced that Tappy was broke, there was no way today was the day.  Tappy asked if I liked the surprise.  After saying yes, he said he had one more thing for me.  He handed me a DVD copy of “Flipped” with a letter inside.  At the end of the letter, it asked me to turn around.  Turning, I found Tappy on one knee with a beautiful ring in his hand… “Will you Emilie Lowe, of the Virgil and Kathleen Lowe’s, of the Lincoln, IL, of the United States of America….give me the honour of being my wife?”

I said YES! … and bawled, kissed him, and then played in the water fountain with my, now, fiancée!

The Proposal! I said YES!!!

 The Wedding

The day a girl always dreams of! Click above to read all about it. 🙂

Tapscott Wedding-354

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