Travis & Molly

Travis is my brother, closest to me in age, and I have the most childhood memories with him.  I’m sure I was the annoying little sister who always got in the way, but he didn’t make me feel this way too often.  More often then not he showed me that he was proud of me and loved me.

At Zion, on one of my first days of school, I ran out of class trying to chase after my mom who snuck out of the classroom.  She was already long gone, and Travis found me in the halls.  He made me feel better and helped me back to class.  Him and his friend created a Carnival night for me and my niece and nephew.  They pushed us around in toy cars like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, we rode a wagon down the drive way like splash mountain, and did all sorts of fun things.  He was constantly using his imagination to come up with fun games that evened the playing field between our 6 years age difference.  We played shutoff, legos, and built computers out of carboard and folders.  He taught me how to be creative, and how to draw.  We watched anime together, told nerdy jokes, and played video games.  He even let me visit him in the college dorms, and never let me feel like a burden.

Travis is smart, super loving and thoughtful, and insanely creative.  I have always wanted to draw like him, and to have the imagination he shares.

Travis and I

Molly is my sister, who would be closest to me in age.  She touched my whole family’s life, but I did not get the chance to meet her.  She was innocent and beautiful.  I often wonder what it would have been like to have her around… someone to share clothes with, to fight over boys with, and share a bedroom with…. But in reality she paved the way for me to be born.  I wish it could have been both of us together, not one or the other.  But I’ll meet her someday, and I will get to see along with the rest of my family, how she grew up and what her personality shaped up to be.


Have you Stopped to say Thank You?

Where I work, there are two bathrooms; One at each end of the building.  Whenever the facility crew is cleaning them, they put up signs in the open hallways to warn people “Don’t walk all the way down here, the bathroom is closed!” (However, the sign really just says “Slippery When Wet.”  Which, it is not, because it is carpet.) It can be a lengthy walk when you have to pee, and you’d be dancing on your trek to the bathroom on the opposite side of the building.  So it is a very nice gesture!

One day I was booking it to my usual bathroom, I turn the corner and I see that the cleaning lady had just gotten there and was about to put the signs out.  They run on a tight schedule, and are usually quite cross when they are interrupted.  I asked hesitantly if I was too late, and the lady told me she would just start with the Men’s and I was free to go in.  I did my business, washed my hands, and started on my way back to my desk.

I didn’t get very far, maybe just a few steps around the corner, and God nudged me. I felt convicted and moved.  Turning around, I caught her grabbing a garbage bag.  God had me tell her thank you.  I babbled on telling her she must not hear it enough, what she does is important and appreciated, that it takes integrity and hard-work.  Before I knew it, her eyes seemed to glisten with acknowledgement.  I am very thankful that my ears were open to God’s idea, that He chose me to carry out that bit of love for Him.

After sharing this experience with churchfolk, they decided to take on this challenge: say thank you to three people this week.  Say thank you to the garbage men, the mailmen, the bathroom cleaners, the McDonald’s worker, your cashier.  The people who scrape the sidewalks of snow at work, just say thank you.